To foster children ages four and up to enjoy baseball and softball and develop their skills and sportsmanship

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  1. Maximum Run Rule: 5 Runs per inning – Applies to ALL innings including the last inning.  Games are 6 Innings, however, cannot start a new inning after 1.5 hours.

  2. 3 Walks per inning - If a combination of three walks/hit batsmen occur in an inning, then the manager or coach pitches to his/her own players when a subsequent three-ball count is reached or if another batter is hit.  Coach must pitch from the 35 foot pitching rubber.  After three walks/hit batsmen, no player can walk or take a base due to being hit.  Coaches can strike out their own players (called or swinging), but cannot walk them.

  3. Stealing is allowed of all bases except for home. No advancing on errant throws by the catcher trying to throw out a runner stealing.  We want catchers to attempt to make the throw so that they can learn the skill.  A team leading by six or more runs may not steal unless/until the lead is five runs or less.  A runner starting on third base can only score as a result of a hit or when forced in by a walk/hit batsmen and cannot score on an attempted steal of another base or errant throw by the catcher that results from such an attempt.

  4. Substitution- No player should sit out twice until everyone has sat once.  If both teams have 10 players – Field 10 players so a single player does not have to sit by themselves on the bench.  Otherwise, play 9.  Avoid playing 10 v. 9.

  5. Outfield- Players should rotate positions.  No player should be either substituted for or placed in the outfield for more than two innings per game in a 4 inning game.

  6. Pitching- In Minors, no pitcher shall pitch more than two innings per game.  We want to develop more pitchers and we cannot do this without giving more kids a chance to pitch.  Also, to the extent there are great disparities among teams regarding quality of pitching, this will help level the playing field.

  7. Action Positions- Catcher, Pitcher, 1st Base and 3rd Base are the action positions.  Please try to play each player on your team in an action position at least one inning in each game.  Only a few kids will be able to pitch and you may only feel comfortable with a few kids at first base – but don't let it be the same kids all the time.

  8. Coaches on the Field– During the regular season, one coach may be on the field so long as the bench is not left unattended.  At this level, this can actually be some of the best coaching we do.  These games are slow moving.  On the field coaching is a great opportunity to teach and quiz the girls about what they should be doing in a given situation.

  9. Winning team reports the outcome of a game by email to league director—e.g., subject line: “Florida beat USC on April 5.”  In the case of a BP v. DS game, each team should report the result to its league director win or lose.