To foster children ages four and up to enjoy baseball and softball and develop their skills and sportsmanship

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  1. Games are six innings.  No new inning can begin after 1.5 hours of play.  Once game begins, umpire controls weather or other stoppages.  Game is final if three innings have been completed (2.5 if home team is ahead).

  2. Six run maximum per inning, including last inning.  (Five if both managers agree).

  3. Continuous batting.  No pinch or courtesy runners absent injury.

  4. Unlimited walks.

  5. No pitcher may pitch more than three innings in any one game.  (Two if both managers agree).

  6. Umpires will call illegal pitches, although will usually try to help pitcher get legal.

  7. Bunting allowed.  However, a fake bunt and swing on the same pitch is not permitted for safety reasons.

  8. Can steal any base any time, including home.  Runner cannot leave until ball reaches home plate.  The umpire will normally give one team warning.  Each subsequent infraction will result in the runner being called out.  Be mindful of not stealing with a large lead.
    a.  After Memorial Day, both managers may agree to play with rules modifications recently enacted by Little League.  These are the "Dropped Third Strike" Rule and "Leave on Release of the Pitch" Rule.

  9. Once the pitcher has control of the ball in the pitcher’s circle, the runner must either head back to the base or attempt to go to the next base (please review the "Look Back" rule).  A runner changing direction or failing to do one or the other is subject to being called out.  If the pitcher makes a play on the runner, the runner may attempt to advance.  On a walk, the player may round first and attempt to advance to second (whether the pitcher has the ball in the circle or not) so long as it is one continuous motion, without hesitation, toward second base. 

  10. We want to avoid collisions. Slide or surrender. Recommend players buy sliders and teach any player who wants to learn to slide. Catcher or fielder may not block a base if not in possession of the ball (please review the definition of "Obstruction").  Obstruction will be called.  This often happens around first and third base, and at home plate.  Please tell fielders to allow base runners room.  Teach girls about safety base at first.

  11. Infield fly rule applies.

  12. Each player must play a minimum of two of the first five innings in the infield.

  13. No player should sit out a second inning until everyone has sat once.

  14. Play nine fielders, not ten.

  15. There will not be any forfeits if a team is short players.  Rather, the opposing team will supply one or more outfielders (generally, those whose turn in the order is not coming up for awhile) and the team that is short will bat as many as they have in uniform.

  16. Game winners are responsible for posting the score of the game on the league website.  In BP v. DS games, the DS team (win or lose) will post the result of the game.